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Welcome to Northland ENT.

At Northland Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists, PA, we are here to assist you with all of your Ear, Nose and Throat needs. We commonly treat snoring, sleep apnea, head and neck cancer, thyroid disease and diseases of the salivary glands. Other services include; ear and hearing assessment and treatment, treatment of sinus disorders,specialized pediatric care and Balloon Sinuplasty.

We serve patients in Duluth, Hibbing, Grand Rapids, Virginia, Moose Lake, Cloquet, and Two Harbors. Please contact our office for hours of operation and appointments or browse our areas here.

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What's New...

We are excited to offer three new technologies for hearing healthcare at Northland ENT.

Osseo-Integrated Hearing Implants

Our otolaryngologists have added osseo-integrated hearing implants to their surgical procedures. Doctors Choquette and Freeman have many years of experience performing ear surgeries and determined the need to provide this procedure to their patients. There are several manufacturers for the sound processor system; however, Northland ENT has decided to only implant Cochlear Corporations Baha® system at this time. The surgical operation is performed in the Pavilion Surgery Center and is expected to take up to one hour (not including recovery time). After a period of 3 months recovery, the patient will then meet with one of our Audiologists who will place the sound processor on the implant and program the device. Our audiologists are also trained in the software programming of the Oticon Ponto system.

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Videonystagmography (VNG)

Videonystagmography (VNG) which is a set of diagnostic tests, is used to help determine the cause behind a patient's complaint of dizziness or vertigo. This test is an extension to your physicians' examination. The test is performed at our Duluth office by our Audiologists. Patients should anticipate the appointment length of 90 minutes.

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Sound Therapy for Tinnitus

We have increased our services to patients with tinnitus to include multiple types of sound therapy technologies for individuals with and without hearing loss who suffer from ringing or other unwanted sounds in their ears. Sound therapy, uses external sounds to provide short or long-term relief from tinnitus. The interactions between external sounds and tinnitus can be used to alter the perception of the tinnitus. This approach is used in combination with counseling and hearing aids, hearing aids with sound generators or sound generators alone. One of the new technologies is Sound Cures' Serenade ®. At Northland ENT, we use a combined and individual approach to help treat the symptoms of tinnitus.

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Tinnitus Treatment and Therapy

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