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Patient Testimonials

Testimonial Regarding the Cochlear BAHA 4

Will everyone PLEASE quiet down out there! This world is Way too LOUD! I was by my doctor that I would be able to hear just about normally again. I realize now that for over 20 years I have had a different definition of normal. I am finding out that the keyboard keys I’m typing on make noise, the sound of my footsteps in the snow destroys the solitude of a peaceful walk to the mailbox, opening a 2 pound plastic bag of shredded cheese probably wakes up my wife in the morning when all I’m trying to do is put cheese on my scrambled eggs, and the ding on the toaster oven when your toast is done, well, the guy that came up with that… otta be shot!

Susie and I went to Home Depot after my appointment yesterday to look at tile for a bathroom shower; I never knew they played music in there. I could hear conversations two aisles over, and I was having trouble paying attention to my own conversation because it seemed like there were four or five other conversations invading my space. This is going to take some getting used to. The good thing is that I can snap it on and off whenever I want. I’m wearing it now, even though I am alone, because I want to “discover,” but I’m sure I will retreat back into my own quiet world whenever I have the opportunity.

The up side of this whole new life is being able to hear people talk, and that will be worth the time spent living in a world that right now seems chaotic. Yesterday afternoon Susie and I met with four other people at a friend’s house. We sat around the dining room table in discussion; usually I am left out of three quarters of a conversation like that, but this time I heard every word!

In the days to come I will experience the main benefit of this wonder of technology, the real reason I am willing to have a “box” sticking out of the side of my head; I will be able to hear what my grand kids are saying to me. No longer will I nod my head pretending I heard their secret, or say, “is that so” hoping my response somehow fit whatever they just told me. It will be a joy to hear the funny things they say that causes others in their presence to laugh and to hear first hand their exclaim when opening a Christmas gift. And most of all, if I am blessed to live so long, I will be able to hear the vows exchanged on that very important and happiest of days when each of my grandchildren will pledge their love and faithfulness to the one God will place in their lives.

Yes, I am thankful for this technology that has given me the opportunity to re-enter a world I began to be excluded from in 1987 through my first bout with Cholesteatoma. I am also thankful for the gifts and abilities God has given to the people who develop and make available technology like this. Their work has returned to me something that could have been lost forever. I am especially thankful for my doctor, Todd Freeman, whose knowledge, surgical skills, and personal concern for my quality of hearing over the past two decades has allowed me to once again be a part of this chaotic yet fantastic….WORLD OF SOUND!

Roger Deloach

After years of having severe hearing loss, I found I could not use regular hearing aids. They would cause fluid to collect in one ear, resulting in frequent ear infections. I was sure I’d never be able to hear normally again.

After my visit to Northland Ear Nose and Throat they thought I would benefit from minor surgery and the wearing of a hearing device. I have had the surgery, went through the healing process and am so impressed with the Cochlear BAHA system. For the first time in memory I can hear my family, take my wife out to a restaurant and not need to read her lips, we can watch television at a normal volume. Thank you Northland ENT and Thank You Cochlear!

Testimonial for Dr. David Choquette

Dr. Choquette is a great doctor. He is always pleasant, treats me with respect, never talks down to me, and really works to get to the root of my sinus troubles. I am so much better off than I was before I started seeing him.

Patricia Hagen

I had Dr. David Choquette as my doctor for both finding out officially that I needed my tonsils out, after getting them out, and he was also my surgeon.

He is such a family oriented man and I was very at ease knowing that he was doing everything in his power to keep me well and get me on the fast track to recovery.

I had my first meeting with Dr. Choquette on December 29th, 2011 after a referral from my local doctor advising me to get to see someone to get my tonsils out.

When I had first gone into Northland ENT I was very nervous with the new surroundings and all the paper work I had to do, but I met a very nice nurse there and she brought me to meet my doctor/surgeon (funny thing, he and my dad have the same first name). Being 16 years old at the time, I was a little uncomfortable knowing that I may need my tonsils out, but those feelings quickly subsided when I was called back and was asked many questions.

The first thing I had done to me that day was as soon as I had met my doctor, he took a look in my ears and nose, and then my throat. He could tell that they were swollen and not doing their job anymore, so after many questions and other things, we decided that getting surgery to remove my tonsils was the best way to go.

My surgery was scheduled for January 18th, the day before I turned 17 (my Mom made me grape birthday jello because my favorite color is purple, but I just wasn’t up for it). Dr. Choquette told me and my family that my surgery had gone very well, and that my sedative had knocked me out on its own, although they did wake me up, (I vaguely remember) to give me the general anesthesia.

I did have a few problems with my recovery, but I was also a very stubborn person and crabby.

My general experience with Northland ENT was amazing and I was very impressed. I’ve referred a few friends here as well due to their kind, caring service and feeling the need to help others.

Cheslea L.