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Pediatric Healthcare

  • Treatment of Chronic Ear Infections (Otitis Media)
  • Treatment of Tonsil and Adenoid Problems
  • Evaluation of Speech Delay
  • Specialized Auditory (Hearing) Testing

Childhood Hearing Loss

Hearing loss in newborns is now diagnosed more frequently due to the hospital screening programs. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication disorders, approximately 12,000 new babies are diagnosed with a hearing loss every year. All newborns undergo an electrophysiological screen in the hospital.

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Ear Tubes and Ear Infections

Your child may still get an ear infection (acute otitis media) with a tube. If an infection occurs, you will usually notice drainage or a bad smell from the ear canal.

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Caring For Your Ear Tubes

Ear tubes help protect your child from ear infections, middle-ear fluid (liquid behind the eardrum), and the hearing problems that go along with them. Most tubes last about 6 to 18 months, allowing many children time to outgrow their ear problems.

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